Thursday, 5 April 2012

The end of 2 Flight in Paroi Camp.

Gunter has sent these photos of the last days of 2 Flight in Paroi Camp. Here is his e-mail to me;

Hi Mike,

I`ve come across some more etchings of times gone by(about 43 years ago!) and thought you might like t o see them to put them on the web. They are of evening life in Paroi and of the big ,I think ,disbanding of 17 past,plus the 2 colour ones of the late Keith Frost-Bridges,with Brian Dennis,and Ian Follet .Still recognisable is the old airstrip ,and can remember the Beaver doing it`s warm up outside the mess in the morning. One pilot I recall was Ted Trickey,who came in for his cup of tea while it warmed up! Then there was the occassion when a Belverdere blew some of the roof panels off one of the buildings.Oh what fun time it was.

All the best,


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Landing at Ipoh on the way to Grik (1968).

Here are some pictures of Ipoh Airport in 1968.

The control tower at Ipoh.

Children looking at the control tower.

Children on the road from the airport into Ipoh.

A sign outside a hotel in Ipoh.

This Scout helicopter contained Captain Harman, Harry Gasser, Eddie Chadbourn, myself and all of our luggage on the way from Paroi to Grik. It was quite crowded.

Refuelling the helicopter. L to R: Airport worker, Harry Gasser, Airport worker, Eddie Chadbourn, Captain Harman.

L to R: Airport worker, Harry Gasser, Eddie Chadbourn, me (watching Harry Gasser working hard!!). 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Where are these masjids / mosques?

Can Ismail, or anyone else, identify these masjids / mosques? They are probably situated in Seremban, KL, Ipoh or Grik? I think 1 and 2 might be in Ipoh and 3 might be in Grik. The pictures were taken in 1968. One reply suggests they are of the Negri Sembilan State Mosque. Any other suggestions?

1. Perak Mosque, opposite Ipoh Railway Station.

2. Perak Mosque, opposite Ipoh Railway Station.

3. A mosque in Grik.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pictures from Brian

I have now downloaded the remainder of the photographs from Brian. These can be found on the same page as his other photographs. Many thanks again to Brian for taking the time to photograph the town and then sending the pictures to the Blogspot.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

KL pictures.

A roadside artist.

A sign showing Malaysian unity.

Batu Road / Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

A cinema.

Robinson's Department Store, Jalan Mountbatten.

New pictures of Seremban.

Brian Pond, who has lived for six years in Seremban, has sent some new pictures of the town. These are in the Pages section of the site.

We have now had over 20000 visits to the site. Thank you to all of the people who have sent photographs and messages.