Wednesday, 26 October 2011

HQ 17 Division Football Team 1969

Back row L to R: Mohadanas, Brasso, Geoff, Rob Wright, Sammy Harper, Alf Hall, Rajoh Mugan.
Front row L to R: John Hillman, Dave Capper, Pete, Barry Holder, Ken Smith, Kevin Lee.
Sammy Harper and Kevin Lee were from 2 Flight - I played a few times for the team but not when the photo was taken.

Thanks to Rob Wright for the photograph. Rob says, 'We held our own in the league and had some great games at the Station Padang. The big match of the season was always against Chin Woo (not sure about the spelling) a chinese team who were as fit as hell! I can remember watching a night match there and it was abandoned because thousands of Atlas moths flocked to the lights and blocked the light!!'

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